US committee focused on tackling threats from China

The overwhelming 365-65 bipartisan vote marked a rare area of agreement between Republicans and Democrats at the start of divided government in Washington.

In a divided US House of Representatives just emerging from a bruising election for the speaker, Republicans and Democrats came together.

With 365 votes for and 65 against, the House on Tuesday created a new select committee to assess and investigate the multi-dimensional political, security.

China hawk Mike Gallagher, a Republican representative from Wisconsin (R-WI), will chair the committee. Earlier, he was a Republican member in the House.

“The greatest threat to the United States is the Chinese Communist Party. The CCP continues to commit genocide, obscure the origins of the coronavirus.

The committee will have nine Republicans and seven Democrats. But a segment of Democrats belonging to the progressive caucus opposed the formation of the committee.

“I have heard my colleagues from both sides that the threat posed by communist China is serious. I fully agree. This is an issue that transcends.

McCarthy added that the committee will work to prevent trillions of American dollars financing “communist genocide and military modernisation”.