US lawmakers release $1.7 trillion funding bill

In the overall bill, the majority Democrats agreed to a roughly 10% increase to defense funding while limiting non-defense funding to a 5.5% increase to gain enough Republican support.

US lawmakers have agreed to a $1.7 trillion funding bill and plan to ram the compromise legislation through the House and Senate this week to avert a Dec. 24 government shutdown.

The bill, which would provide funding for government agencies through the Sept. 30 end of fiscal 2023, includes $858 billion for national defense, a $76 billion increase over current levels.

It also would provide more than $45 billion to aid Ukraine in its defense against the Russian invasion.

The bill also includes $41 billion in disaster relief for communities affected by recent hurricanes and wildfires.

The pain of inflation on American families is real and it is being felt right now across the federal government,Senate Appropriation Chairman Patrick Leahy said in a statement upon releasing the bill.

Democrat boasted that the legislation increase grant for child care by 30%,along with more money for the National Institute of Health,the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Park Service.

President Biden wanted to cut defense spending and grow liberal domestic spending in real dollars.But Congress is rejecting the Biden Administration’s vision and doing the exact opposite.