USA Presidential Election 2016 Quiz

1. Who on 15/6/2015 announced his candidacy for the Republican Party’s nomination for USA Presidential Election 2016?

2. Whose telephone number did Donald Trump make public?

3. Who said to Donald Trump “You call women fat pigs, dogs, slobs.”?

4. When did John Ellis Bush suspend his campaign?

5. Which Democratic candidate suspended his campaign after Iowa Caucus 2016?

6. Who referred to Donald Trump as a man with small hands?

7. Who won winner-takes-all 99 delegates Florida Republican Primary on 15/3/2016?

8. Who won winner-takes-all 66 delegates Ohio Republican Primary on 15/3/2016?

9. When was the San Bernardino attack where a couple of Pakistani origin killed 14 persons and wounded many more?

10. Who announced independent candidature to prevent Donald Trump winning USA Presidential Election 2016 and later withdrew in favour of Hillary Clinton?

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