USA Presidential Election 2016 Quiz – V

1. Cleveland is in Ohio. Who, being Republican Governor of Ohio, did not attend Republican National Convention 2016?

2. How long was Donald Trump’s acceptance speech at Republican National Convention 2016?

3. Whom did Hillary Clinton announce as her Vice Presidential running mate?

4. Where was Democratic National Convention 2016 held?

5. When did WikiLeaks make public Democratic National Committee e-mails?

6. How many Democratic National Committee e-mails did WikiLeaks post?

7. Who first publicly accused Russia of leaking Democratic National Committee e-mails?

8. When was Democratic National Convention 2016 held?

9. Who announced her resignation as Chairperson of Democratic National Committee after the e-mails became public?

10. What was Sergey Lavrov’s response to the question about Russia being behind hacking of Democratic National Committee e-mails?

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