Useless household items that you probably have

Garlic press: Let's be real: most recipes call for chopped garlic, plus, these are a pain to clean.

Filing cabinets: Buying tons of filing cabinets is just an invitation for more paper clutter. 

Piggy banks: You might have kept one as decoration from when you were a kid.

Popcorn machine: It's not even worth counting the amount of popcorn you'd have to make for this personal popcorn machine to be cost-effective.

Wire hangers from the dry cleaners: Now, it might be a plus to get some free extra hangers.

Electric egg cooker: Appliances for very specific purposes are often justified by promising the perfect boiled egg.

Exercise gadgets: Countless homes are littered with untouched exercise gadgets from New Year's resolutions. 

Fax machine: Unless you're still living in the '80s and '90s, there is no reason for keeping fax machines.

Mosquito zappers: There's actually no evidence what mosquitos are attracted to ultraviolet light.

Salad spinner: With a push of a button the salad is tossed around and dried.

Deep fryer: This purchase is all fun and games when you think about the onion rings and French fries you can make.

Pizza cutter: That rickety sharpened wheel on a stick is probably one of the most useless things you own.

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