Useless self-help tips that don’t really work

Learn a new skill -
Learning a new skill is simply an experience. It won't change any problems or dissatisfaction you might have.

Cry it out -
If crying comes natural to you, then do that. But don't force it.

Give yourself a rant window -
You don't need a window for this. Let yourself vent for as long as your system desires. Just be attentive to how it's making you feel.

Never give up -
This is one of the worst pieces of advice. Sure, you shouldn't quit something with great long-term potential. But sometimes giving up is the best choice you can make.

Use a stress ball to express your anger - If you feel like using a stress ball, then use one. But it won't change anything, and chances are you'll still be angry.

Visualize an empowered single you -
If you naturally feel empowered, then that's a good thing. But forcing it on yourself just feeds your need for control, which might not be genuine.

Immerse yourself in a group activity -
While it's important to be social, you don't need to immerse yourself, especially if you're not really up for meeting people. 

Winning is everything -
Winning is worth it only when the costs of winning aren’t excessive. Also, winning isn't enough if you haven’t carefully considered the long-term negatives.

Go on a diet if you want to lose weight - Most medical professionals agree today that diets don’t work, as they're potentially dangerous. If you want to lose weight, talk to an actual professional.

All that matters is that you do your best - Of course, you should always do your best in any effort. But thinking that doing your best is all that counts is one of life's biggest lies.

Focus on your weakness -
If you focus only on your weaknesses, you'll always have plenty of 'problems' that need solving. It's a very demotivating mindset that can negatively impact your confidence.

Stay together for the kids -
The truth is it's better for a child to live with a content single parent than with two chronically fighting parents.

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