Ways to kill time at the airport

Go for some food: You'll probably be hungry at some point, so treat yourself to a nice meal.

People watch: There's no better place to people watch than an airport.

Get social: Rather than just people watching, why not strike up a conversation with someone.

Listen to music or a podcast: There's nothing like listening to music or a good podcast, especially when you have so much time to kil.

Check out the airport art: Kill some airport time by immersing yourself in the art and culture from the place you're flying from.

Go shopping: Shopping at the airport can get expensive, but there are a great variety of shops to browse.

Sort out your travel photos: Who doesn't love a good holiday photo.

Catch up with an old friend: With all that time to kill, use it to catch up with an old friend.

Take a walk: Airports tend to be big with many terminals, shops, and areas to discover.

Book a lounge:If you have a long layover, why not treat yourself to a little rest in a lounge.

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