Ways you might be a little bit weird

You throw a bday party for your pet - We get it, pets are family, right? But not everyone actually treats them to birthday parties. In fact, only about 9% of pet owners do so. 

You think it's okay to talk on the phone at the movies - According to a survey, 9% of people actually think it’s acceptable to use their phone during a movie at the theatre. 

You've seen a ghost -
18% of Americans believe they’ve seen a ghost, so if you've seen one, you're still in the minority (albeit not that small of a minority!).

You change your bed sheets every day - A very small minority actually claim to do so. About 3% of people, to be more precise. 

You don't use your phone in the bathroom - This might come as a surprise, but only 25% of people claimed to not have used their phone in the restroom. 

You met your partner at a bar or club - Only about 2% of men and 9% of women claim to have met their significant other at a bar or club. 

You want a robot baby -
According to a survey of about 2000 people done in 2014 by researchers at Middlesex University, 11% of people in the UK want a robot baby.

You don't know how to ride a bicycle - While most of us can ride a bike, according to a 2013 survey, about 6% of Americans said they didn't know how to ride one.

You wash your hands properly after using a public restroom - Unfortunately, this is a lot more ucommon than you might think, with only 5% of people doing so.

You don't take any prescription drugs - The majority of Americans take some sort of prescription drug. Only about 30% claim not to take any. 

You have red hair -
Gingers are rare, so if you have red hair, you are among the 1 to 2% of the world population who do. 

You don't suffer from hangovers - Drinking alcohol can have its consequences, namely a nasty hangover the following day.

You're a man with a TV who doesn't watch sports - Yes, you truly are in the minority. Only 8% of men who own a TV set claim not to watch sports. 

You are afraid of dogs -
More people are actually afraid of dogs, with 7% of men and 14% of women claiming to suffer from cynophobia. 

Your armpits never smell -
According to a study by the University of Bristol, 2% of people with European ancestry actually have non-smelly armpits, thanks to the gene ABCC11G. 

You reverse park -
Only 6% of Americans back into parking spaces, whereas in China about 88% of people claim to do so.

You use social media but don't have a Facebook account - Not having a Facebook account is actually quite rare among social media users, with only 8% falling into this category. 

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