Weird and wonderful birthday traditions from around the world

The quinceañera: In many Latin American countries, a girl's 15th birthday is a big deal. 

Fairy toast: A tradition in both Australia and New Zealand, fairy bread is essentially made with white bread.

Ear pulling: In some countries, including Spain, Italy, Argentina, and Hungary.

Nose greasing: In Canada, boys and girls are sometimes "ambushed" and get their noses greased with butter to ward off bad luck.

Serious gift opening: Receiving gifts in Italy is a serious business. 

Longevity noodles: On their birthdays, the Chinese eat extra-long noodles that symbolize their longevity.

Clotheslines with gifts: To add some extra warmth to birthday parties, Russians include gifts for all the children attending.

Non-birthdays in Vietnam: The Vietnamese don't celebrate individual birthdays.

The birthday sweeper: When single men in Germany turn 30, an old tradition is for them to sweep the steps of their local city hall.

The birthday piñata: Another well-known Latin American, especially Mexican. 

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