Weird celebrity habits that will surprise you

Kate Hudson -
In order to look more awake in the morning, the actress dunks her face in an ice bath. That surely does the trick! 

Christian Bale -
Unlike most people, the actor seeks to challenge superstitions on a daily basis. He enjoys walking under ladders, and his favorite number is 13.

Tom Cruise -
So what's the secret of this A-lister? Bird feces. Known as the Geisha Facial, this Japanese beauty treatment was first popularized in Hollywood by Victoria Beckham.

Katy Perry -
In contrast, Katy Perry brushes her teeth six times a day and carries several brushes with her at all times.

Mariah Carey -
One of this diva’s strangest habits included eating only purple foods for three days of the week after she gave birth to her twins. The diet included plums, grapes, and eggplant. 

James McAvoy -
The Scottish actor is known for saying “white rabbit” to the first person that he sees on the first day of each month. This old tradition is said to bring good luck. 

Catherine Zeta-Jones -
So how does she get her Hollywood smile? Well, the actress is said to brush her teeth with a strawberry paste. She claims that it keeps her teeth white as she gets older.

Chrissy Teigen -
Teigen has the strange habit of licking off the seasoning from her Doritos, and then putting them back in the bag. Let's hope the bag is only for her. 

Kit Harington -
The actor travels with his lucky pen, which he has had since he was little. He also has to touch the outside of a plane three times before he gets in.

Taylor Swift -
In an interview with Ellen, the singer revealed that she doesn't actively wash her legs in the shower because she shaves them. 

Mark Wahlberg -
An early bird, the actor shared that he wakes up at 2:30 AM, prays, has two breakfasts, and then does two workouts. 

Bill Gates -
Exactly seven hours of sleep, no more and no less, is the key to Bill Gates’ routine. Definitely a healthy habit! 

Gene Simmons -
The rocker posted on Twitter that he puts ice in his cereal. Now, it's hard to understand what the point of this is. We all need answers. 

Jennifer Aniston -
To protect herself from bad luck, the actress will only enter a plane with her right foot. And just like Kit Harington, she also taps the outside of the plane before boarding. 

Eminem -
The rapper requires complete darkness when he sleeps, and when he’s traveling he ensures that the hotel staff black out the windows.

Demi Moore -
This timeless beauty uses the age-old and largely discounted technique of leeches to detox. Would you dare?

David Beckham -
Beckham has a type of OCD where everything has to be in even numbers or in pairs. This includes socks in his drawer or even soft drinks in the fridge. 

Serena Williams -
The former tennis player was known to wear the same pair of lucky socks during each match. She also tied her shoes the same way before every game.

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