Weird things we all did as kids but never talk about

Running up the stairs: Galloping up the stairs on your hands and feet like a dog for no reason. 

Flip and fly: Turning off the basement light and immediately sprinting up the stairs before the demons can get you.

G-force at the supermarket: When your mom let you take charge of the shopping cart and you have to use all of your strength to push it.

Soda cap shots: Pouring some soda into the bottle cap and drinking it like a shot.

The raindrop race: Picking two drops of rain on the car window and seeing which one drips to the bottom fastest.

Drawing the sun: Drawing the sun in the corner of the page like this for no particular reason.

Baddest kids in the park: Going so hard on the swings that the poles start to pull out of the ground. 

Aladdin's cave: Making a secret world behind the clothes racks in stores.

Packing the essentials: Being excited about a new bag of some kind but having nothing to put in it because you’re a kid so you.

Post-punch panic: Hurting your sibling while playing too roughly and then begging them not to tell mom while desperately reassuring.

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