What are “energy vampires,” and how to protect yourself

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They’re codependent: Codependency in any relationship is designed to elicit a certain reaction.

Common traits: An energy vampire is someone who repeatedly takes, and lacks insight.

At the start: Initially, they may seem extremely friendly, almost overly so.

How to spot an energy vampire: You may not know someone is an energy vampire.

They use your good nature against you: If you offer a listening ear and a kind heart, energy vampires.

Common signs: Some common signs of an energy vampire include talking more.

They act like a martyr: Energy vampires place their problems on other people. 

They're often jealous: Pessimism and jealousy are two common traits.

Common energy-draining personality types: There’s no single personality that qualifies as an energy vampire.

They use guilt trips or ultimatums: Energy vampires often rely on guilt trips to get what they want. 

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