What bird species sing the most beautiful songs

Blackbird -
The Beatles wrote a song about this species, such is the male's varied and melodious low-pitched fluted warble.

Hermit thrush -
This North American resident has a song that many believe is one of the finest sounds in nature, ethereal and flute-like.

Wren -
Its diminutive and inconspicuous form belies the wren's loud and often complex songs—a variety of harsh sounds: churrs, chatters, rattles, and scolds.

Northern mocking bird - Both male and female mockingbirds sing, and they possess a large song repertoire that ranges from 43 to 203 song types.

Linnet -
A widespread species, the common linnet's pleasant song is embroidered with rapid thrills and twitters.

Blue grosbeak -
The male sings a rich, husky, musical warble for two to three seconds at a time. When disturbed, however, it gives loud, metallic chink calls.

Whinchat -
The whinchat mostly sings in summer, a whistling, crackly, but soft song used during the breeding season, consisting of a mixture of soft whistles and grating sounds.

Rose-breasted grosbeak -
Male rose-breasted grosbeaks often announce their singing with a sharp pink or pick before finding their voice with a subdued mellow warbling.

White-throated sparrow -
A member of the American sparrow family, this handsome species has two distinctive songs, one of which is a high-pitched whistle sang at a regularly rhythm.

Blackcap -
The male's typical song is a rich, musical warbling, a fluting melody often ending in a loud, high-pitched crescendo. 

Sky lark -
The lark's song is delivered by males while hovering in flight to heights of up to 100 m (328 ft), the long, unbroken warble carried on the wind across fields and meadows.

Chaffinch -
Known for the strong voice of the male, the chaffinch song sometimes follows the fink or vink call sounds that may have given the bird its English name.

Goldfinch -
Widespread across Europe and beyond, the goldfinch's song is a pleasant silvery twittering.

Robin -
Robins are natural singers and produce a fluting, warbling song that both male and females perform. 

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