What exactly is ChatGPT

A tool to detect ChatGPT: Somewhat surprisingly, it was a 22-year-old computer science student at Princeton University.

Schools are concerned: With the power to simply put in a prompt and get ChatGPT to write convincing college-level essays.

It’s not a direct threat to journalism yet: Fortunately, as per a report by The Guardian, the chatbot currently still lacks the nuance, critical-thinking skills.

Journalists and writers are worried: ChatGPT can create written content very convincingly, concerning everyone from journalists to playwrights.

A threat to programmers: Because ChatGPT has been able to generate intricate Python code, and programmers have used it to solve coding challenges.

Who is behind OpenAI: The artificial intelligence research non-profit company behind ChatGPT.

Revolutionizing search engines: Many see this technology as an alternative to Google, because instead of just providing links for users upon request, ChatGPT.

How it works: The bot uses a dialogue format in which users can provide both simple and complex instructions.

How it works: ChatGPT, or Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer, can expertly generate realistic, human-like text about almost anything.

It's available to the public: Made available to the public on November 30 on OpenAI’s website, anyone can sign up for and use ChatGPT for free.

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