What happens when you stop smoking

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One month to three months after quitting: From one month until three months, circulation in the body will continue to improve, and your lung capacity, oxygen levels.

Three months after quitting: After three months of stopping, women’s fertility is improved, and the risk of giving birth prematurely is decreased.

Carbon monoxide: One of the toxins in tobacco products that kills us is carbon monoxide. It’s fatal in high doses.

One day after quitting: Within one day of quitting, the body cleanses itself of the excess carbon.

Three days after quitting: After three days of quitting, nicotine levels will have depleted, and although nicotine is in no way beneficial for the body.

Six months after quitting: After six months, quitters will stop coughing up as much mucus and phlegm, and their airways will be much less inflamed.

Two day after quitting: After two days of quitting, because smoking damages the nerve endings responsible for taste and smell, people will experience.

Just 20 minutes after quitting: Also within 20 minutes of stopping smoking, your blood pressure begins to drop and your circulation can improve.

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