What happens when you stop smoking

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Just 20 minutes after quitting: When you stop smoking, within 20 minutes your heart rate drops and your blood pressure returns to normal.

One day after quitting: Within one day of quitting, the body cleanses itself of the excess carbon monoxide in your body from tobacco products. 

One month to three months after quitting: From one month until three months, circulation in the body will continue to improve, and your lung capacity.

Carbon monoxide: One of the toxins in tobacco products that kills us is carbon monoxide.

Three months after quitting: After three months of stopping, women’s fertility.

Six months after quitting: After six months, quitters will stop coughing up as much mucus and phlegm, and their airways.

Three days after quitting: After three days of quitting, nicotine levels will have depleted, and although nicotine is in no way beneficial for the body, the body will begin to crave it.

Nine months after quitting: After nine months of quitting, the lungs will have significantly healed themselves.

One year after quitting: After one year of quitting, a person’s risk of coronary heart disease will be cut in half. 

Two day after quitting: After two days of quitting, because smoking damages the nerve endings responsible for taste and smell, people will experience a heightened sense of taste and smell.

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