What is celiac disease, and which celebrities have it

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How celiac disease affects children: Symptoms for a child suffering from celiac disease are the same to that of an adult, according to the Mayo Clinic.

What happens if you eat gluten as a celiac: If someone who suffers from celiac disease eats gluten, they damage their intestinal lining.

Symptoms: Some of the symptoms of celiac disease are fatigue, headaches.

When you should go to your doctor: If you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed for more than two weeks.

Other causes: Celiac disease can also be triggered by severe emotional stress, during pregnancy.

Immune system and intestines: If the villi in your intestine do not work properly, your body is not able to get the nutrients it needs.

Who's at risk: People with arthritis, thyroid problems, type 1 diabetes, Addison's disease.

Does celiac disease have a cure: There is no known cure for celiac disease, other than following a gluten-free diet.

Celiac disease can also be genetic: It it also likely that gluten intolerance be passed down through generations. 

What is celiac disease: Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder also known as gluten intolerance. 

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