What makes you attractive to others

Fertility can affect how women’s voices sound too.

Women smell better to men when they have high estrogen and low progesterone levels (indicating high fertility).

Hormonal balance:
Our hormonal balances may play a bigger role than we think in who we become attracted to.

Quality time:
Attraction is generally increased by spending a lot of time with someone and physical touch (when it is welcome, of course) also tends to speed up the process.

Testosterone increases libido: While we tend to associate testosterone with men and estrogen with women, they both play a role in all genders and testosterone increases libido for everyone.

Importance of kissing: In general though, humans don’t have the strongest sense of smell, so kissing means a lot from a psychological point of view. 

Not only are we attracted to other people’s smells on an individual basis, but some people’s smells are more attractive than others in general, too.

Men with low voices:
Just before women start ovulating, they are more attracted to men with lower voices.

It’s been shown that men who have a diet high in fresh produce smell more attractive to women.

When women are ovulating, they are generally more attracted to men with wider jaws.

Immune systems:
We are attracted to people who have different immune responses to us and kissing allows us to get a sense of this. 

If people are healthy, they will generally smell better too.