What the colors you wear say about you

Black: The color of elegance, seriousness, and intelligence, black also signals prestige, power, and authority.

Black: People who wear black are often more concerned about their personality rather than their appearance. 

Blue: Blue is the color of loyalty, intelligence, efficiency, and trust. 

Blue: People who regularly wear this color are often calm, kind, courteous, and sometimes even shy.

Red: Red is the quintessential color of passion and romance. It conveys power and vibrancy.

Red: People who like to wear red are usually exciting and energetic.

White: White is associated with purity and  innocence, but also freedom and new beginnings.

White: People who wear white are usually organized, optimistic, and even sometimes perfectionists

Yellow: We associate yellow with the sun, which means light, happiness, and laughter. 

Yellow: Yellow is the color of active, creative, and uplifting people.

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