What to eat for good spinal health

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Spine health: -Keeping your spine healthy is essential if you want to lead an active and productive life. 

Proper nutrition: -The bones, muscles, and other structures in the spine need proper nutrition in order to function effectively.

Bok choy: -Bok choy has a deserved reputation for reducing the debilitating effects of arthritis.

Spinach: -Rich in vitamins A, C, and K, and bursting with iron, magnesium, and manganese.

What to eat for good spine health: -So, what should you be eating to beat back pain and other spinal issues.

Leafy green vegetables: -We should all eat more vegetables, and certain veggies contain properties that will help combat spinal issues. 

Plant-based proteins: -The proteins you get from certain plants are great for your spine health.

Broccoli: -Broccoli is another inflammation buster. Serve up a bowl of steamed broccoli garnished with sea salt.

Salmon: -A super source of lean protein, salmon is packed with another helpful nutrient: omega-3 fatty acids.

Sardines: -Omega-3 fatty acids promote bone and tissue health, and have proven anti-inflammatory properties. 

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