What would happen to Earth if humans went extinct

It would get dark: Without fuel and maintenance, power stations would eventually stop producing electricity.

Pets would struggle: Without humans to care for them, pets would do what it takes to find food and survive.

Human parasites would go extinct: Parasites that feed on humans, such as lice, wouldn't have hosts anymore.

Endangered species would proliferate: Without human interference, species on the verge of becoming extinct would make a full recovery.

Livestock would be released into the wild: No electricity means that electrical fences wouldn't work anymore.

Flooding: Pumps used to stop tunnels and other subway passages from flooding would stop working without electricity.

Nuclear explosions: The coolers in nuclear power plants would stop working, leading to explosions.

Pests would decline: Animals such as rats, cockroaches, and other pests that feed off human houses would likely decrease.

Domesticated animals could go wild: Some domesticated animals would go back to their wild roots.

Corrosion: Without maintenance, corrosion would cause metal structures to collapse.

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