What you might not know about angels

Roots of the word: The origins of the English word “angel” come from the Greek aggelos, which means “messenger.”

But who are these messengers: Angels were created to serve God. They are essentially messengers from God.

Who are these angels: There is a hierarchy, and each angel has a specific job. Some angels are next to God.

They have limited powers: Angels have very specific job descriptions and powers that allow them to perform a task.

They have limited powers: This is perfectly illustrated in Genesis 19, when God sends three angels to give Abraham three separate messages.

What do angels look like: Angels have been depicted by artists for millennia.

What do angels look like: These depictions, however, might not be quite right, as according to both Jewish and Christian.

What do angels look like: So, if angels don’t have physical attributes, how do they deliver God’s messages to humans.

Are angels male or female: Angels are traditionally depicted in art as being either female or as highly feminized beings.

Are angels male or female: When it comes to the Bible, angels have male names.

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