What your child's teacher wants you to know

Do reach out: Do reach out if you have any questions. Open communication between families and teachers is necessary.

Introduce your child to journaling: Have your child keep a journal from a young age. They can draw pictures and make notes about their day.

Teachers have your child’s best interests in mind: Remember teachers don't want to put students down. 

Create rules at home: Have rules at home about chores, cooking, and screen time.

Teachers aren't marriage counselors: When you're at a parent-teacher meeting, stick to your kid's progress.

Madonna: Ever aware of the visual dimension of her stardom, dance-pop diva Madonna crafted elaborate music videos.

Playing is just as important as being in the classroom: Kids learn a lot when they play with each other. It has many developmental benefits, such as learning social skills.

It's not a cute job: Never tell a teacher who works with small children that their job is "cute.

Homework doesn't look the same as when you were a kid: Teaching methods have changed a lot since you went to school. 

Encourage reading: Reading is a vital life skill. Therefore, it's important to encourage your child to keep reading.

Come back earlier from vacation: Never send your kids back to school the day after a long flight.

Teachers wear a lot of hats: Apart from teaching, they also take on the role of psychologist, friend, adviser, etc.

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