When rock stars cut off their hair

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Mick Jagger: -The front man of the Rolling Stones looked so hypnotizing with his strong facial features and long hair back in the late '60s.

Anthony Kiedis: -The Red Hot Chili Peppers vocalist had beautiful long, straight hair.

Dave Grohl: -"But he has long hair!" we hear you say. And you are absolutely correct.

Bono: -Bono was rocking the boho-chic look back in the '80s, especially when U2's album 'The Joshua Tree' came out.

Freddie Mercury: -Queen's legendary front man looked pretty much like every other rocker at the time with his long hair.

Axl Rose: -The Guns N' Roses vocalist was known for his fiery long hair (with lots of hair spray at the beginning of his career).

Ozzy Osbourne: -The "Prince of Darkness" has worn long hair ever since the early days of Black Sabbath in the late '60s.

Lenny Kravitz: -Do you remember Kravitz with his long dreads? He looked so cool!.

Eddie Vedder: -As with most rockers in the grunge scene, Eddie Vedder also had long hair.

Jon Bon Jovi: -It could be said that the Bon Jovi front man gave long hair a bad name.

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