Where to find Portugal's most picturesque castles

Monsaraz Castle: The sturdy walls of this 12th century hilltop castle enclose ancient Monsaraz.

Mértola Castle: Mértola is classified as a museum town. Its 13th century castle is the icing on the cake.

Almourol Castle: This picture perfect medieval castle is perched on top of Almourol islet.

Óbidos Castle: The already picturesque town of Óbidos, with its whitewash cottages and terracotta roofs.

Guimarães Castle: Located in the northern city of Guimarães, this 10th century castle is a national landmark.

Marvão Castle: Standing in the Alentejo near Portugal's border with Spain.

Penedono Castle: The lichen-covered walls of this imposing castle give it a weathered look that befits its long history. 

Silves Castle: Probably Roman in origin, this enormous red sandstone castle, located in the Algarve market town.

São Jorge Castle: Lisbon's landmark castle is also one of the city's most popular visitor attractions.

Santa Maria da Feira Castle: A fine example of medieval military architecture, this well-preserved castle is found in Portugal's Aveiro district.

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