Whiskey you have to try

Old fashioned:
One of the simplest whiskey cocktails out there, it consists of bitters, sugar, and an orange slice.

Mint julep:
Commonly associated with the Kentucky Derby, this refreshing cocktail consists of bourbon, mint leaves, and simple syrup over a whole lot of crushed ice.

Whiskey sour:
This tart cocktail is a refreshing option for summer. Just combine bourbon, lemon juice, simple syrup, and a bit of egg white.

A more modern invention, a pickleback is merely a shot of whiskey (most commonly Jameson Irish whiskey), followed by a shot of pickle juice. 

Add in some bitters and sweet vermouth, then top it with a cherry.

Fancy whiskey cocktail:
Blended whiskey combines with sugar, bitters, and triple sec to create a tasty treat.

John Collins:
The close relative of the Tom Collins, this cocktail still uses lemon juice, club soda, and simple syrup, but utilizes bourbon instead of gin.

Irish coffee:
A great pick-me-up, Irish coffee consists of Irish whiskey, sugar, hot coffee, and heavy cream.

A simple two-ingredient cocktail, a highball is whiskey (of any kind) mixed with ginger ale.

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