Who died in Buckingham Palace

A monk? -
Before Buckingham House was built, the monks of Westminster Abbey inhabited the site. Reportedly the ghost of a monk is said to appear on Christmas Day.

John Sheffield -
John Sheffield, 1st Duke of Buckingham and Normanby was the original owner of Buckingham House and the first person to die in it.

John Sheffield -
A former military man, Sheffield was also known as a politician and poet. He died at Buckingham House on September 23, 1714, aged 72.

Hugh Chamberlen -
Hugh Chamberlen the younger was a royal physician who practiced midwifery. 

Hugh Chamberlen -
Chamberlen died in Buckingham House in 1728 after battling an unknown illness for a long period of time.

Lady Flora Elizabeth Hastings -
Lady Flora Hastings was lady-in-waiting to the Duchess of Kent (the mother of Queen Victoria).

Lady Flora Elizabeth Hastings -
Lady Hastings eventually died in Buckingham Palace on July 5, 1839

Francis Clark -
Clark was awarded the Faithful Service Medal in 1891 by Queen Victoria. He died in Buckingham Palace in the summer of 1895.

Edward VII -
The Prince of Wales ascended to the throne when his mother, Queen Victoria, died on January 22, 1901.

John Gwynne -
The Buckingham Palace room where John Gwynne took his life is reportedly haunted

William Hayes Fisher -
Fisher died in the Buckingham Palace Garden in July 2, 1920.

Princess Alice of Greece -
Princess Alice of Greece is better known for being the mother of the late Prince Philip. She died in Buckingham Palace on December 5, 1969.

Margaret "Bobo" MacDonald -
Margaret "Bobo" MacDonald eventually died in her room in Buckingham Palace in 1993, aged 89.

Eric Whitelaw -
In 1953, Whitelaw was due to receive an Order of the British Empire award, but died at Buckingham Palace before it was awarded to him.

The last royal Corgi -
The Queen has had Corgis all her life, and her last one, Willow, died in the palace.

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