Why making your bed is important than you think

Excuses are easy but so is doing it -
The excuses are easy to make, but at the same time, it’s pretty easy to make our beds in the morning, too. It takes seconds.

It says a lot -
There are some surprising benefits to making our beds. How we do one thing reveals a lot about our personality. How we do one thing is often how we do most things.

Intention to be orderly and thoughtful - Making your bed has a lot to do with motivation and setting the intention for an orderly, thoughtful, responsible, balanced, or successful life. 

Starting with one small acomplishment - It starts off the day right. It might be the smallest accomplishment, but it sets the tone for the entire day. 

Admiral William McRaven - Admiral William McRaven said,  “If you make your bed every morning you will have accomplished the first task of the day.

It's encouraging to keep a tidy room/home - Making your bed encourages you to tidy the rest of your room. You wouldn’t tidy your entire room without making the bed

It plants a seed -
In other words, how your bedroom looks and how it makes you feel to be inside it will usually begin as a seed, and this seed is making your bed.

It makes us happier -
Gretchen Rubin, author of ‘The Happiness Project,’ claims that learning to make our beds each morning was one of the most impactful acts regarding our happiness.

Fun fact: -
The fitted sheet was invented and patented in 1957-1958 by a woman named Bertha Berman because she didn't like messy sheets falling off the mattress.

The National Sleep Foundation -
According to the National Sleep Foundation's Bedroom Poll, around 70% of Americans make their bed each morning.

Calmness and organization -
By making your bed, which produces a tiny sense of accomplishment, we tend to carry this focus through the day. 

Better sleep -
This, in turn, helps us to feel more relaxed and can even help us to sleep better.

Bed-making and conventionality -
People who make their bed are more likely to value tradition and convention and, in a sense, these are both enemies of creativity.

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