Why snoring is more dangerous than you think

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Alcohol and drug use: Drinking alcohol or taking muscle relaxers can also cause your tongue.

Causes of snoring: Several conditions and factors can block airflow, which causes snoring.

Sleep position: Sleeping on your back can make you snore. Using a pillow that’s too soft.

Poor muscle tone in your throat and tongue: When the throat and tongue muscles are too relaxed.

Complications with snoring: Occasional snoring due to a cold or flu is usually harmless. 

Blocked nasal airways: Some people snore only during allergy season or when they have a sinus infection.

Sleep deprivation: Another surprising contributor to snoring is sleep deprivation.

What is snoring, really?: Snoring happens when air can’t flow easily through the mouth or nose.

Bulky throat tissue: Being overweight can cause this. Also, some children have large tonsils.

How common is snoring?: Snoring is super common, and everyone does it at some point in their life. 

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