Why Tom Hanks made a special appearance on '1883'

A pleasant surprise for fans - '1883' fans were delighted when Tom Hanks made a cameo on the second episode of the prequel to 'Yellowstone.'

Hanks does not often appear on tv series - Tom Hanks, a 65-year-old, Oscar-winning actor, does not frequently make television appearances, so it was indeed a surprise.

Producers had help from Tim McGraw and Faith Hill - So how did the producers get Hanks to appear in '1883'? Well, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill had a little something to do with it!

They've been "couple" friends for years - According to People, Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson have been friends with McGraw and Hill for years.

Friends for over 20 years - McGraw continued, "We've been friends for a long time. Rita, his wife, and Faith are best friends, and Tom and I've been friends for 25 years, 24 years."

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill star in '1883' -  The television series created by Taylor Sheridan began streaming on Paramount+ on December 19th.

The original settles of the Dutton dynasty - Country music superstars McGraw and Faith Hill (who in real life are husband and wife) star in the series as the original settlers of the Dutton dynasty.

Married for 25 years - Faith Hill and Tim McGraw have been married for 25 years, and both have tried their hand at acting.

McGraw has plenty of acting experience - McGraw has been in several high-profile films such as 'Friday Night Lights,' 'The Blind Side,' and 'Tomorrowland.'

Faith Hill was in 'Stepford Wives' and 'Dixieland' -  Faith Hill hasn't had quite as much experience as her husband. However, she has appeared in the remake of 'The Stepford Wives' and 'Dixieland.'

The first time McGraw and Hill work on screen together - Undoubtedly, '1883' is Hill's most prominent on-screen role yet, and it is the first time she stars alongside her husband, Tim McGraw.

How Tim ended up in '1883' - During a round table interview that 'Taste of Country' was a part of, Tim McGraw told the story of how he came to form part of the show.

McGraw was invited to be on an episode of 'Yellowstone' - McGraw was invited to appear on 'Yellowstone,' and McGraw said he would like to be on the show, but only if he could do something unique.

One of the best scripts he'd ever read - When McGraw was shown the script for '1883' the country musician said it was one of the best scripts he'd ever read.

John Dutton's grandparents - McGraw and Hill play the grandparents of John Dutton, who Kevin Costner portrays on the wildly popular original series that airs on the Paramount Network.

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