Why you're showering the wrong way

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Don’t leave conditioner in for extra time: It might feel like you’re getting more bang for your buck, but by the time you get to it after shampooing.

Avoid washing your hair too much: Since hair is made of dead cells, it doesn’t need as much washing as the rest of our skin. 

But don’t neglect the scalp: Often people will avoid the scalp so as not to dry out the skin, but you should be washing your scalp at least once a week to avoid a buildup.

Brush your hair before getting it wet: If you're going to wet your hair, give it a good brushing beforehand so that it doesn’t get tangled further.

Keep it short: Water exposure can lead to dry skin and hair, as it opens the skin barrier and decreases the skin’s ability to hold on to water.

Avoid the scalp when conditioning: Opposite to shampooing, you should work conditioner through the length of your hair and try to avoid.

Don’t shower too often: How often you should shower depends on your activity level, but if you’re not active.

It’s not so much about morning or night: The debate of morning vs. night showers holds merit on each side, as morning showers.

No scorching hot temperatures: The ideal temperature is lukewarm, so that your pores open enough to be cleaned but aren't scraped.

No standing around: As a way to monitor yourself and how long you’re spending in the shower, you can set a playlist.

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