Top 10 Women In History Who Changed The World

Florence Nightingale 1820–1910: Nurse. Her dedication to her profession as well as to her co-patriots gave a whole new meaning to the nursing profession.

Amelia Earhart: Pilot. Earhart is the first female pilot who was able to fly across the Atlantic. 

Cleopatra: Pharaoh. Quite famous for her beauty and how she used it in protecting her empire from Roman invaders. 

Marie Curie 1867–1934: Scientist/ Inventor. She played a huge part in developing the first x-ray machine which we all know is one of the most useful medical machines.

Katherine Hepburn 1907- 2003: Actress. An award-winning actress, you can imagine how influential she can be especially to her fans.

Mother Teresa 1910–1997: Nun. To put simply, Mother Theresa is selflessness personified.

Emmeline Pankhurst 1858-1928: Activist. She is well known for her passionate fight for women’s right. 

Marilyn Monroe 1926–1962: Actress. An intelligent woman, she broke the “dumb blonde” stereotyping in Hollywood.

Helen Keller 1880–1968: Author. She has proven that disabilities couldn’t deter someone with the right attitude and outlook.

Clara Barton 1821-1912: Educator. Became a teacher at an early age, she wanted to share the gift of education hence she founded a public school in NJ.

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