Words that will make you sound smart

Ubiquitous is an adjective that means ever-present, everywhere, omnipresent. Example: “The fog along the highway was ubiquitous, making it difficult to navigate.”

Dichotomy is a noun which refers to something with two contradictory qualities, or a division into two mutually exclusive or contradictory identities.

Glib is an adjective which means to behave in a manner that is smooth or slick but insincere.

Fastidious is an adjective, and is a fancy way of saying someone pays great attention to detail—or is critical and hard to please. 

Non sequitur:
A non sequitur is a statement that is unrelated to previous conversation. It can also be a conclusion drawn from ideas that seemingly are unrelated or don’t make sense.

Scintillating is a noun which means to be very clever, lively, or animated. 

Paradigm is a noun that can refer to grammar, a pattern, or a framework of assumptions.

Cacophony is a noun which refers to a harsh or jarring noise, or a discordant mix of sounds.

Perfunctory is an adjective which means to do something mechanically or superficially, or with little to no enthusiasm.

Panacea is a noun which refers to a magic cure-all or universal remedy. 

Equivocate is a verb which means to beat around the bush, or deliberately use vague or ambiguous language.

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