The world's most colorful and curious frogs

Strawberry poison dart frog:
This bright, beady-eyed frog is renowned for its widespread variation in coloration.

Splash-back poison frog:
Named for its appearance as if splashed with orange paint, this native of the Amazon Basin in Brazil.

Red-eyed tree frogI:
ts vibrant green body, bright red eyes, and inquiring gaze makes this frog one of the most endearing of amphibians. 

Vietnamese mossy frog:
At first glance, the mottled green and brown skin coloring on this unusual species resembles moss growing on a rock. 

Yellow-banded poison dart frog:
A resident of northern South America in countries including Venezuela, Guyana, and Brazil, this frog is highly poisonous.

Splendid leaf frog:
For the most part nocturnal, this predominantly tree-dwelling species inhabits northwestern Ecuador, through western Colombia and Panama to the most southerly region of Costa Rica.

Mexican leaf frog:
Found only near water in the subtropical or tropical dry forests of Mexico, this species is distinguished by its enlarged toes and golden-flecked eyes. 

Blue dart poison frog:
Its distinctive hunchback posture and azure complexion distinguishes this poisonous native of Suriname and the far northern reaches of Brazil.

Giant monkey frog:
Known also as the blue-and-yellow frog, this amphibian is found in the Amazon basin. 

Argentine horned frog:
An humongous frog with an appetite to match, this is the most commons species of horned frog. It's endemic to South America. 

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