World's most difficult languages

Tagalog - Also getting a score of four on the Effective Language Learning list is the official language of the Philippines, Tagalog.

Georgian - This language is almost entirely only spoken by the people of Georgia.

Mandarin - This is the most spoken language with roughly a billion Mandarin-speakers in the world, according to Babbel.

Cantonese - Along with Mandarin, Cantonese is also spoken throughout China and is an extremely useful (but difficult) language to learn. 

Croatian - If you speak Croatian, then good on you! You know one of the world's most difficult languages.

Sanskrit -
The sacred language of Hinduism is as beautiful as it is hard to learn.

Polish - Learning Polish is no walk in the park.

Albanian - Albanian is spoken officially in Kosovo, Macedonia, and, of course, Albania.

Icelandic - Icelandic is an Indo-European language largely influenced by the languages of Danish and Swedish. 

Hungarian - Not only spoken in Hungary, this difficult language is also heard in Serbia, Romania, Slovakia, and the Ukraine.

Persian - Persian, also known as Farsi, scored a four on the difficulty ranking list.

Basque - Basque is extremely difficult to learn as it is a language isolate, meaning it isn't similar to any other language which makes it that much harder to learn.

Korean - Korean is also a language isolate. It's hard to learn because of its completely different alphabet and grammatical structure.

Danish - Mutually intelligible to Norwegian is Danish, the official language of Denmark

Indonesian - Indonesian gets a score of three on the difficulty ranking list. The language is spoken in the Southeast Asian country of Indonesia.

Thai - Thai has a totally different alphabet, making it extremely hard to learn for English-speakers.

Arabic - Part of the difficulty with Arabic is that it's a language that is spoken differently depending on where you are. 

Vietnamese - Another language with a different alphabet is Vietnamese.

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