Worst-dressed male celebs of all time

Mark Zuckerberg - When he's not in court wearing a suit, Facebook's top man can be seen dressing like a college student.

Matthew McConaughey - We know he doesn't wear deodorant, but sometime he actually looks like he doesn't wash at all.

Ashton Kutcher - The actor is pretty inconsistent. One day he looks sharp, the next day he's spotted dressed like a '70s vagabond.

Jared Leto - He surely thinks of himself as some sort of fashion god. But here's a tip for you, Jared—sometimes less is more.

John Mayer - We're sure the singer is thinking, "Oh I'm a singer-songwriter, I only focus on my art and not on my clothes."

Charlie Sheen - He parties like a rock star, he hangs out with rock stars, but he does look a mess sometimes. 

Dennis Rodman - Yes we know, Rodman has always been a bit eccentric. But sometimes his outfits did border on the ridiculous.

Richard Simmons - Imagine walking into your gym and finding all the personal trainers wearing this outfit.

Mickey Rourke - How he fit into those jeans, we'll never know. The actor truly deserves a spot on the list. 

Wesley Snipes - The actor constantly looks like his fashion never evolved from the '90s.

Louis Theroux - Producer and director Louis Theroux's basic clothes don't earn him any points in the style department.

DJ Marshmello - DJ Marshmello's mask looks like he plopped a white bucket on over his head.

Perez Hilton - Celeb blogger Perez Hilton surely likes his extravagant outfits. But there are limits, Perez, and you should know you're crossing the ridiculous line.

Morrisey - Here's the singer at another one of his shows, revealing some chest hair and wearing sweatpants. Classy. 

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