Career lows the worst films these actors ever made

Batman & Robin' - Chris O'Donnell: Holy bad movie, Batman! As one of Chris O'Donnell's last major films, it looks like playing Robin in this cheesy superhero flick froze.

Ben Affleck: Ben Affleck opened up to the Los Angeles Times about his "awful" experience shooting 'Justice League.

Superman IV: The Quest for Peace: One of the most notoriously bad 'Superman' films in history, Reeve's fourth time playing the Man of Steel was just one time too many.

Jack and Jill: Adam Sandler should have been hilarious when playing both a male and female role in this comedy, but instead he just ended up bombing twice over.

Mortdecai' - Johnny Depp: Quite simply one of the worst films of Depp's long career, 'Mortdecai' was a huge flop.

The Adventures of Pluto Nash' - Eddie Murphy: Another notorious box office failure, this strange film about a nightclub on the moon confused audiences.

Sandra Bullock: Sandra Bullock is really opening up about her career lows recently! Speaking in an interview alongside her 'Lost City' co-star Daniel Radcliffe.

Speed 2: Cruise Control,' People reports.

The Lone Ranger: Depp makes this list again with 'The Lone Ranger.

Strip tease' - Demi Moore: Though her paycheck for 'Strip tease' was substantially high for female actors at this time, audience reaction to Moore's performance wasn't rich.

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