Worst Foods For Your Brain Health

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Fried chicken: Deep-fried anything sure does taste good. And that satisfying crunch you enjoy once you bite into your fried food is something that is hard to replace. 

Gummy bears: We all love a sweet treat once and a while. But candies such as gummy bears are pretty much void of anything nutritious.

Swordfish: It is recommended that people should consume more fish and shellfish for brain health benefits because of the healthy fats and choline many options provide.

Hot dogs: We generally don't eat hot dogs or other ultra-processed meats thinking they are a "health food." 

Fast food: Sometimes it is not the food that you are eating, but rather what your food is packaged in that poses a risk. 

Donuts: Donuts give a triple-whammy when it comes to foods that do not support our brain health.

Biscuits:If you are making your biscuits the old-school way (aka with shortening), you may be exposing your body to trans fats.

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