The worst sandstorms, dust storms, and haboobs

Morocco: A huge sandstorm approaching Merzouga in Morocco's Erg Chebbi Desert.

China: Beijing's Tiananmen Square is seen in a sepia wash amid a sandstorm sweeping through the Chinese capital.

USA: A mountainous dust storm moving through the desert near Yuma, Arizona.

United Arab Emirates: A highway into Dubai is taken over by shifting sand displaced after a storm.

USA: A massive wall of dust rolling into a rural area west of Phoenix, Arizona. 

England: The sky turns red over buildings in Canary Wharf as dust from the Sahara carried by storm Ophelia.

India: The beginning of something bigger across the sand dunes of Hunder in the Nubra Valley, in Ladakh state.

China: The city of Zhangye in Gansu province prepares to be hit by an enormous wall of sand.

Egypt: Traffic is reduced to a crawl on a bridge over the Nile River during a heavy sandstorm in Cairo.

Australia: Seen through a turbulent sky that resembles an artist's palette, storm clouds and dust can be seen above Mollymook Beach.

Oman: A breakaway group of bike riders cycle into a sandstorm during the Tour of Oman.

China: A woman covers her face against a particularly vicious sandstorm on a street in Tianjin.

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