Would you pass this 1930s marriage test

Merits: Each chart came with a list of things for which you can either receive merit or demerit points. 

Husband's merits: Gives wife ample allowance or turns pay check over to her: This generous deed will get you five 

Frequently compliments wife: The chart gives the examples of compliments regarding her looks, cooking, housekeeping, etc.

Remembers birthdays, anniversaries, etc: Another five merit points for simple memory.

An ardent lover who sees that wife climaxes in marital congress: This one would get men a well-deserved 20 merit points.

Courteous to wife’s friends: Your partner's friends can still be a tricky topic today, but if the husband was nice to his wife's friends he'd earn a merit point.

Helps with dishes, caring for children, scrubbing: It says "helps with," as it was assumed this was a woman's task.

Polite and mannerly even when alone with wife: The second half of that sentence is a little worrisome. 

Has date with wife at least once per week: If you have more than one date with your wife every week, you can collect five merit points per date.

Reads newspaper, books, or magazines aloud to wife: Because she can’t read.

Steady worker and good provider: The duty of providing for the family was a heavy one for men to bear.

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