You shouldn't refrigerate these foods

Known as a stone fruit, meaning they have a large pit, plums behave like peaches when they’re refrigerated—they wither up and won’t ripen.

The organization advises that people store them in a paper bag at room temp instead.

People debate whether this condiment should be kept in the fridge or cupboard, but it really comes down to taste.

There is nothing better than biting into a piece of fresh baked bread—and nothing worse than doing the same to a piece that’s been pulled from the fridge.

Unless you want to dig deeply into a jar of the sweet liquid each time you need it for tea or a recipe.

According to the Farmers’ Almanac, these juicy fruits are best kept at room temperature; chilling them to below 12 degrees Celsius compromises the red treats’ flavour and texture.

The National Coffee Association says coffee’s greatest enemies are “air, moisture, heat and light.”

The delicate herb loses its flavour and texture when exposed to cold temperatures, so keeping it in the fridge is a big no-no.

This little green fruit is used to growing in warm temperatures, so putting one in the fridge will slow the ripening process way down. 

Bananas are another hot button “should-you-put-them-in-the-fridge” food item, but the answer once again comes down to personal preference. 

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