Blue Ivy

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Blue Ivy's debut drew -  On This Tour despite the mixed reception, it is important to remember that this budding star was just 11 years old.

Performance in France - It was at the end of May when Blue Ivy took the stage in Paris, France, in front of roughly 80,000 people.

Harsh criticism - Critics were harsh, with some remarking that Blue Ivy's only shining moment on stage was her silver outfit.

Training harder - Despite the initial reluctance, Blue Ivy took to the stage anyway even amid harsh criticism, she didn't get downhearted or defeated.

Beyoncé's daughter dancing Debut - Beyoncé's daughter, joined her famous mother's 'The Renaissance World Tour' as a dancer for the track 'My Power,'.

Growing confidence - Significant boost in her stage confidence. This growth is applauded by both her mom and dad, rapper Jay-Z.

Her Name comes from - And now In Oct. 2023, Jay-Z finally spilled the beans on where her name came from after so much scrutiny and theories.

Always motivated - Blue Ivy appears more confident on stage, She's motivated to give more and always appreciates the applause she receives.

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