Top 11 Best Perennial Flowers for New Mexico

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 Catmint: Catmint is easy to grow and does not require much special care. Catmint can be planted in the fall or in springtime, after the chance of frost has ended.

Daylilies:There are over 60,000 cultivars to choose from. Flowers of the daylily normally don’t last more than 24 hours. 

Common Yarrow:Yarrow does well in dry soil and is tolerant of drought conditions. However, it has the tendency to spread quickly by both rhizomes and self-seeding.

Purple Coneflower: purple coneflower is not native to New Mexico. However, both plants and seeds are obtainable through nurseries or online proprietors. 

Red Hot Poker:Bright and eye-catching, the red hot poker is a dynamic perennial sure to draw attention to any New Mexico garden.

Hardy Chrysanthemums:Normally thought of as a potted plant, there’s no reason for New Mexico residents not to incorporate chrysanthemums into an in-ground garden!

Red Valerian :Red valerian produces gorgeous star-shaped flowers that attract birds and butterflies. It grows in clumps that can reach up to three feet tall and five feet wide. 

English Lavender: English lavender can be used in cooking, potpourris, or in fragrant soapmaking. Pollinators, like bees and butterflies, are drawn to English lavender.

Sulphur-flower Buckwheat : the sulphur-flower buckwheat is a beautiful low-maintenance addition to gardens in New Mexico. In May, yellow flowers begin to appear on the plant. 

Russian Sage: Russian sage looks like lavender, its leaves give off the distinctively spicy smell of sage. Don’t eat it! Russian sage contains toxic properties.

Golden Columbine:Adaptability is the hallmark of the golden columbine. In the wild, golden columbines grow among the rocks in damp shady canyons. 

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