Top 12 Best and Most Creative White Horse Names

Winter:A name that signals a season, Winter reminds you of the warmth that follows the cold, the firelight, and cozy sweaters and blankets. A white horse with a warm personality is best suited for this name.

Stardust:There are plenty of moments when you seem to have an almost psychic connection with your horse, bringing to mind the undeniable cosmic connection you have with it.

Snow:This name immediately conjures up images of snowcapped mountains and crystalline, untouched snow layered on the ground, glistening in the sunlight. 

Pearl:Pearls are yet another example of nature’s miracles. They exhibit perfect beauty with their shifting reflections and carry an inherent elegance. 

Nimbus:This is a rain cloud, which represents cleansing and renewal. When a white horse arrives in your life, it doesn’t arrive without cleansing you in some way.

Moonlight:There’s a reason equine therapy exists. Just like the moonlight on a dark night, a white horse can illuminate your life when you’re faced with dark periods. 

Glacier: There’s nothing silly about glaciers and though the name also points to frozen water, this name is best suited for a strong, beautiful, and dazzling white horse.

Frosty:Yes, just like the snowman! This white horse’s name also conjures up images of a snowy wonderland, but it has some levity.

Crystal: Crystals have a natural flare and offer transparency, which makes the name suitable for a horse that is strongly bonded with her owner. 

Casper:Like the friendly ghost, this name is ideal for a sociable horse that enjoys the company of others. There’s a lightheartedness to this name, which a white horse with the right personality can represent.

Aspen: Aspen highlights the rarity of a white horse and reminds you that nature is full of surprises.

Angel:This name is suitable for horses that epitomize the beauty and gentleness of an angel both in their personality and appearance.

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