ABM full form

An Anti-Ballistic Missile is a counter-missile that is projected from the surface to air to explode the approaching missile. Usually, ballistic missiles are used to carry chemical, nuclear, biological and conventional warheads to destroy the target. To intercept the intercontinental ballistic missiles and destroy the threat, ABMs are now widely used by many countries to safeguard itself from enemy missiles.

Reportedly there are only 3 ABMs that can intercept Intercontinental ballistic missiles in the world. Though some smaller systems exist, they are too small to meet the speed of an ICBM. A-135 anti-ballistic missile is guarding Moscow from the year 1995 which was preceded by A-35 ABM. The system uses Gazelle missiles and Gorgon with nuclear warheads to intercept and destroy any incoming ICBMs.

The United States Ground-Based Midcourse Defence System uses a hit to kill kinetic projectile to shield the U.S mainland against possible nuclear attacks by North Korea. The Israeli Arrow 3 ABM is designed to intercept and destroy ICBMs and also used as an anti-satellite weapon. Many other countries like China, India, and Japan are equipped with smaller and larger systems to face potential ICBM’s from their enemy countries.

With the increase in modern technology ABM’s are made to reach the target in lesser time, channel the route and collide with the ICBM with precision.

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