ABSU – All Bodo Students Union

All Bodo Students’ Union (ABSU) is an understudies association of non-political framed in 1967 in the Bodoland area of Assam, India. The ABSU under the initiative of Upendranath Brahma bolstered the development for a state inside Assam, to be called Bodoland for every single innate network living on the North Bank of River Brahmaputra in Assam. The interest for Bodoland is the consequence of long stretches of abuse by the decision Assamese people group in the post-provincial Assam. Brahma would later shape another political gathering, the United People’s Party. It is as of now part of a coalition called the People’s Co-appointment for Democratic Rights.

From the above examination, we can reason that all the Bodo individuals and their political, social, social, scholarly or different associations are agreeable to the production of a different Bodoland State. Be that as it may, their survival could never be conceivable nor satisfied. The Bodoland Movement had risen as a ground-breaking self-sufficiency Movement in Assam. It is watched that the development of BTC has not completely fulfilled the Bodo people groups. ABSU, Bodo National Conference (BNC), NDFB are presently interested for the formation of a different State like Telangana.

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