AIMPLB full form

All India Muslim Personal Law Board is a private organisation (NGO) formed in 1972 to adopt appropriate policies for the protection and continual application of Muslim Personal Law in India. The Muslim Personal Law Application Act of 1937 facilitates to approve for Islamic Law Code of Shariat to Indian Muslims in personal affairs as few Muslims were following Hindu customs before 1937. The board extensively works for Muslim laws, guide the Muslims in crucial issues and cooperate with them.

The section had the right under laws like the Mahomedan inheritance Act (II of 1897) and Cutchi Memons Act to choose Mahomedan Law. At present majority of Muslims are following Muslim law rather than Hindu civil code.  AIMPLB claims itself as the head of Muslim opinions in India, for which it has been supported and criticised. Prominent Muslims from the Muslim community such as lawyers, scholars, religious leaders, professionals, and politicians are representing the board. Some scholars like Arif Mohammad Khan, Tahir Mahmood and Markandey Katju have advocated exterminating of the AIMPLB as the board does not consider Ahmadis as Muslims and do not allow them to sit in the board.

Syed Mohammad Rabe Hasani is the president of AIMPLB and Qari Muhammad Tayyib, Hazrat Maulana Wali Rahmani and Abul Hasan Ali Hasani Nadwi are other key people of the board.

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