C Sharp Variable

C# Variable

A variable is used to store data to a memory location. It thus specifies the name of the memory location. As the name itself suggests, the value of a variable can vary and thus can be reused multiple times. To easily identify a memory location, it represents a memory location through a symbol.

C# basic variable types:

Variable Type Example
Decimal decimal
Boolean true or false value
Integral int, char, byte, short, long data types
Floating point float and double data types
Nullable Nullable data types

Syntax: To declare a variable.

type variable_list;        

Example 1: To declare a variable.

int a, b;  
double c;      
float d;      
char ch;


In the above example, a, b, c, d, and ch are variables and int, double, float, and char are data types.

Example 2:

int a=5; 
float b=5.1, c = 10.2;      
char ch='Z';


In the above example, we are declaring a variable and are also providing values while declaration.

Rules for defining variables:

A variable can

  • Have alphabets, digits, and underscores.
  • Have a name starting with an alphabet and underscore only.
  • Not have a name starting with a digit.
  • Not have a white space within the name.
  • Not have the name of any reserved word or keyword e.g. int, float, etc.

Valid variable names:

float a;      
float _a;      
float a10;  

Invalid variable names:

float 5;      
float a b;      
float int;    
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