DDP full form

DDP –¬†Desert Development Programme

DESERT DEVELOPMENT Program (DDP) The essential question of the program is to limit the antagonistic impact of dry season and control desertification through rejuvenation of common asset base of the distinguished desert regions. The program endeavors to accomplish ecological balance over the long haul.

Throughout the years, the expansion in human and animals population in dry spell prone and desert regions has set the normal assets of certain exceptionally dry regions under moderately more prominent pressure. The significant issues are continuous depletion of vegetative cover, increment in soil erosion and fall in ground water table. On the recommendations of the National Commission on Agriculture, in its Interim Report (1974), and the Final Report (1976), the Desert Development Program (DDP) was begun in the year 1977-78. The program is being actualized through watershed approach under the Guidelines for Watershed Development. It covers 22 obstructs in these 6 districts.

Inclusion of new squares and exchange of squares from DPAP to DDP was consented to. In this way, from 1995-96 add up to squares secured under DDP wound up 227 out of 40 districts of 7 States. Therefore, with the re-organization of Districts and Blocks, the program is currently shrouded in 235 squares of 40 districts in 7 States. The corresponding physical zone under the program is around 4.57 lakh sq. kms.

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