DGCA full form

DGCA  – Director General of Civil Aviation

The Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) is that the Indian governmental restrictive body for civil aviation underneath the Ministry of Civil Aviation. This board investigates aviation accidents and incidents.

The CAA has been envisaged as associate degree autonomous restrictive body which can replace the DGCA and can meet standards set by the UN’s International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO). The CAA can have separate departments to influence safety, economic regulation and grievance resolution, yet as a full-fledged setting department. it’ll even have associate degree freelance accident investigation bureau. The Authority will have the autonomy to recruit workers. Currently, the DGCA is inadequate and doesn’t have any achievement powers. The CAA can have body and money powers just like those of the yank FAA. These powers can redefine the regulator’s role and higher equip it to face the challenges of the growing Aviation sector within the country.

The CAA would be self-financing and have a separate fund referred to as the ‘Civil Aviation Authority of Bharat Fund’ that may finance its entire expenses. it might have a chairman, a Director General and 7-9 members appointed by the Central Government. These members are going to be qualified within the fields of aviation safety, craft engineering, flight customary operations, aerodromes, air navigation systems and air house management

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